Terms & Conditions


Full course attendance is required. Absent students must make arrangements with the school to make up for missed hours. Students may attend another class to make up time at no extra charge within 60 days after the course start date. A student who does not make up time by the deadline is considered dropped, and full attendance and tuition are due if they decide to attend again. A student may retake a 40 Hour Salesperson course within 12 months of graduation for a $50 re-entrance fee. If retaking the course between 1-2 years from the original class start date, students must pay 60% of the course tuition plus the cost of new books and materials. After 3 years, students must pay the full course tuition and the cost of updated course materials. For 6-hour continuing education courses, students who need to make up time will be charged a $25.00 make-up fee. If a student elects to retake a course, updated books must be purchased. Online and home study distance learning students must complete the course for the necessary accredited time and pass all quizzes.

CANCELLATION POLICY - We reserve the right to cancel any class (with or without reason) any time prior to class date. Cancellation notice can only be given to students who have already registered and paid. Students who have not registered and pre-paid and still wish to attend certain courses and "pay at the door"* should contact the school before showing up for class to ascertain that the class WILL be held. Tuition rates paid "at the door" may be higher than the pre-paid rates. No charge to re-schedule. Course dates, times and prices are subject to change at any time.

CONDUCT - School officials maintain the right to dismiss a student for inappropriate behavior. No food is allowed during class session. Students that show indication of sickness such as sneezing, coughing, etc. will not be admitted into class (and / or) will be asked to leave, and will be making up class time missed with no additional fee.

COURSE DATES - Morning and evening courses are available (Check the school advertising brochure/course catalog).

PERFORMANCE OBJECTIVE - Student agrees to abide by State rules and regulations and must attend the course in full in order to graduate. Certain courses may legally require passing an examination for completion.

REFUND POLICY -  Cancellation request must be in writing. A refund will be granted if the cancellation request is received at least 3 business days from when you register for a course and the school will deduct a $25.00 fee. Furthermore, any books received in advance must be returned undamaged otherwise the cost of the books will be deducted as well. No refunds will be granted after the start date of the course. A student who does not complete the course within one year from starting date will be considered "dropped" and if s/he wishes to re-attend the course after the passage of one year, the student must pay the course tuition.

  • Distance learning courses (online): Once an online course has been activated, no refunds will be provided.  Refunds will not be issued after 6 months from the date of purchase. If study tools are provided with package, there will be no refunds for study material. Online courses will expire after 1 year of purchase. If you do not complete the course within 1 year and wish to add more time, you would pay the amount of $30 for another 30 days.  If you complete the course within the 1 year, the course will be available for review for 3 years. 
  • Distance learning courses (home study): Once the student register and receive the course material, no refunds will be issued. If there are study tools provided with package, there will be no refunds for study material
  • Once study tools have been purchased, there will be no refunds granted

TUITION - Varies, based on the type of course. Tuition must be paid upon registration in order to be considered registered for a course. Full payment is required prior to class start date. Registration is accepted at any time with payment before class starts or at the door* (tuition paid at the door is usually higher than prepaid tuition). We prefer registration with payment 10 business days in advance. There is a $25.00 charge for returned checks** and for credit card disputes. Vouchers received from other entities such as the UAW and other employment agencies will be accepted but no course certification will be issued unless actual payment is received to cover the voucher.

COMPLAINT PROCESS- In the event that a student is dissatisfied with the quality of course material and/or instruction, the student can file a complaint with the Department of Licensing and Regulatory affairs by calling 517- 241-7000 or writing to: Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs Bureau of Professional Licensing Investigations & Inspections Division P.O. Box 30018 Lansing, MI 48909

ACCREDITATION ALLOWANCE - Students must attend the number of classroom hours required by law. No credit will be transferred to other programs or institutions.

COURSE LOCATION AND FACILITY: Classroom courses are offered at various locations are held in rented meeting rooms that are used for public assembly. Payments and registrations can only be accepted at the Southfield office address: 24655 Southfield Road, Suite 101, Southfield, MI 48075 or can be submitted online.

COURSE MATERIAL - Provided by the school, material may or may not be included in the course tuition. The student is advised to bring a note pad, calculator and highlighter. Sharing course content, usernames, or passwords with unauthorized individuals may result in the revocation of all user privileges and access to the course materials.

DIPLOMA - Graduates will receive a diploma / certificate as a completion award. You are required to maintain you certificate and present it to the Department upon request. A charge will apply for reissuing duplicate certificates.

Students should be advised to keep copies of transcripts and certificates of completion or diplomas. In the event of the school closure, the school is obligated to send all students transcripts to the Michigan Department of Licensing & Regulatory Affairs where students may request copies of their transcripts for a closed school.

ENROLLMENT AND SCHEDULE - Varies, based on the type of course. Tuition must be paid upon registration in order to be considered registered for a course. No course credit will be issued to students who have not paid course tuition, such as in the event of bounced checks or paid refunds. Although registration and tuition are accepted on the day the class starts (tuition paid at the door* is usually higher than prepaid tuition), we encourage students to register and pay at least 10 business days in advance.

ENTRANCE REQUIREMENT - No age limit, however, the applicant for a Real Estate license must be 18 years old.

GRADES - Certain courses, such as appraisal, require a mandatory test at the end of the class. The student must receive a passing grade in order to graduate. Courses taken and or passed are not transferable to other education or training centers.

HOLIDAYS - The school will not hold classes on New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Easter and Christmas Day.

PASSING REQUIREMENT - Full attendance of course hours is required along with a passing grade (if required). Students who miss course hours must make up all hours as a requirement for graduation.

PLACEMENT ASSISTANCE Free placement assistance (if available) can be provided upon student request. No real estate brokers and/or other recruiting professionals are allowed during the course in the classroom.

PREREQUISITEThere are no specific educational prerequisites to attend the courses.

PROGRAM GOAL - To teach students the basic concepts of various occupations as stated in the course outline of each specific course manual.

RECORDING MACHINES - Not allowed during class session.

RE-ENTRANCE - Students who decide to re-attend the 40 Hour Salesperson course may do so 12 months after initial class start date at no charge (course books and material have to be purchased)

TESTING FEE - The student is responsible for his/her own testing fees. The Institute will not be responsible to reimburse students who miss their testing dates, go to the wrong location on the testing date, or not graduate in time for the test.

VISITORS - Students may not bring any visitors to class unless they pay full tuition. Children are not allowed in classroom at any time. No pets are allowed with the exception of service animals.

MARKETING - From time to time, the we may use a photo or video of the class to promote via social media or other forms of marketing. You consent to allow the us to use your name and image for the purposes of marketing through various channels of media, including composite or modified representations, and waive the right to inspect or approve versions of your image used for publication or the written copy that may be used in connection with the images or video. You release the Michigan Institute of Real Estate from any and all claims arising out of the use of such recordings. Please let the instructor know if you do not wish to be recorded.

SMS COMPLIANCE:  By accepting these terms, you consent to receive SMS messages from Michigan Institute of Real Estate for important class reminders and updates. Message and data rates may apply. You can opt out anytime by replying 'STOP.' Your consent isn't required for purchase.

EMAIL COMMUNICATION CONSENT: By creating an account, making a purchase, or signing up for our newsletter, you hereby grant Michigan Institute of Real Estate permission to send you emails regarding your account, our products and services, special offers, and any other updates we believe may be of interest to you. You acknowledge and agree that this may include promotional emails and updates related to Michigan Institute of Real Estate. You may opt out of receiving any, or all, of these communications from us by following the unsubscribe link or instructions provided in any email we send or by contacting us directly. This consent is in compliance with CAN-SPAM Act, ensuring the protection of your personal information and the right to privacy.

PCI Compliance Statement - We take your personal security very seriously. MIRE is developed with the goal of protecting cardholder data in accordance with PCI standards and all information is handled in a PCI Compliant manner. MIRE stores only the account holder name, last four digits of the PAN (Primary Account Numbers) and expiration date. MIRE does not under any circumstances store PAN or any other PCI relevant data, including card validation code (CVV, CVV2, CVC2, CID, CAV2, etc.), PIN, or magnetic stripe data. 

* "At the door" tuition refers to tuition paid on the class starting date. 

** A student who has had a returned check must pay the non-prepaid tuition rate in addition to the $25 charge.