Michigan Builders License - 60 Hour Class


Our 60-hour builder's course, divided into two separate 30-hour online segments, is complemented by a valuable addition - the "Passing the Michigan Builders Exam CD Set." Ideal for those who prefer a self-paced, home study approach, this program provides the same high-quality education as our in-person courses but from the comfort of your own space. As part of the program, you'll receive the "Passing the Michigan Builders Exam CD Set," which includes an essential exam that you must pass. This exam will be sent directly to you, ensuring that you're fully prepared to meet the Michigan builders exam requirements. Along with the CD Set, each segment includes a comprehensive textbook and supplemental resources like multiple-choice questions and true/false exercises, all geared towards enhancing your readiness for the State exam. It's a comprehensive builder's education designed to fit your self-paced learning style, right at home.

Package Includes

60 Hour Michigan Builders License Home Study Course Package

Residential Construction Management text book
Residential Contractors License text book
Modern Carpentry Text book
Builder's Math DVD
Passing the Michigan Builder's audio CD's
Builder's 1 and 2 exam

Home Study courses valid for 1 year from purchase.
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